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Popular Irish Radio Stations

Listening to the radio no longer requires some antiquated device, and continuous tuning through the frequencies to even be able to find a station. Online radio stations offer a simple solution, with high-quality sound and an endless variety of music choices. Nowadays even the Irish audience has taken an interest in this newer method of keeping informed and up to date. The following stations are the most widely listened to.

RTE Radio 1

Broadcast direct from Dublin, this is the primary station of Ireland's leading public service broadcaster. It has a popular mix of music, sports and news, with interviews and podcasts. The Drivetime Show runs from 4:30 pm, offering commuters the latest news.

NewsTalk 106-108

This is an independent station, focusing on national news and sports, with an emphasis on local business, and a popular breakfast show.

Today FM

Today FM is a commercial station, with an interesting combination of news and music, available nationally. Approximately one million people listen on a weekly basis.

Spin 103.8 FM

This is known as a state-sponsored station, with a range of popular programs including Total Request Live, the Zoo Crew and Fully Charged.

Deep House Radio

Broadcast from Cork, as its name suggests, the main focus is on music and particularly deep house and underground techno. Available 24 hours per day, it is popular with those who remember this genre of music from the 80s.

This list of the most popular online radio stations in Ireland indicates that this method of listening to news and music is a trend set to continue.